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Natasha Saunders is a campaigner, consultant and public speaker. Her lived experience includes the 8 years of sexual, mental, physical, economic, emotional and tech abuse plus coercive control. All endured at the hands of her ex husband.


Utilising her PR and Branding experience, she believes in showing the person who can be created when we get our responses to abuse right. She is committed to raising awareness of the far reaching effects of Domestic Abuse, both on a personal level and in wider society.

Natasha also changed the law as part of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 surrounding threats to share intimate images and works towards making our society equal and empowered.

In 2018 her perpetrator was found guilty of three counts of rape and one of sexual assault by penetration before being sentenced to 12 years in prison, three on license and life on the Sex Offenders Register. It was then that Natasha decided to become the voice she wishes she heard when she needed it most.

She has extensively worked with the UK Government, major beauty brands such as Decorte, Benefit and Avon, ftse 100 companies and police forces across the United Kingdom and beyond. Over 7000 Metropolitan Police officers have heard Natasha's lived experience talks and facilitation sessions as well as her bespoke training packages being delivered across the private sector worldwide.


Natasha is a dynamic and captivating speaker who can hold can room whether delivering keynote speeches, lived experience talks or presenting events. Able to think on her feet and keep the audience in the mood most appropriate to the event, she is an asset to any event organiser from fundraisers and charity events to international gatherings of top business people.


She has also developed an innovative and engaging training session to educate and support staff and executives to create a trauma informed approach in a modern and progressive business world. She is available for consultancy, strategic planning, framework construction and implementation as well as in an advisory capacity. Natasha also delivers seminars, key note speechs and motivational talks.

If you are reading this in hope that there is more to life, or wondering how to leave. Please remember that there is nothing more precious than your life and help is out there. Above are the numbers for Refuge National Domestic Abuse Helpline which is open 24/7 365 and also their website which has a web chat during office hours as well as a wealth of information should you or someone you know be in an abusive situation.


Want to buy Natasha a coffee?

Take Away Coffee
Natasha facilitating at the Met Police

Natasha with her group of new officers discussing community input talks at Hendon Police College.

J9 event in Parliament

Natasha, Ruth Edwards MP, Nicki Brindley MBE and Katy Pearson in Parliament with PM Rishi Sunak

But Why Podcast

Natasha speaks to Clemmie Telford about Domestic Abuse and the wider impact.

Should I delete that?

Natasha, Cherie Blair and Kim Manning Cooper feature in this IWD Podcast with Emma Clarkson and Alex Light.

Natasha IWD 2022

Natasha at an exhibition by Lorien Haynes with proceeds to The Circle and Refuge

Stacey Dooley Book

Natasha features in a chapter of Stacey Dooleys latest book; are you really ok?

Natasha and HRH Duchess of Cornwall

Natasha meeting HRH Duchess of Cornwall at her home Clarence House

Natasha, Zara and Cordelia

Natasha, Zara McDermott and Cordelia Tucker-O'Sullivan outside Parliament campaigning for #TheNakedThreat

Natasha sharing her story for Peace One Day

Natasha being filmed at home for the UN accredited initiative Peace One Day.

Natasha and other inspirational woman for Avon 60th Birthday Brochure

Natasha with other inspirational woman Tulsi, Natalie, Abi, Georgia and Krishma for Avon's 60th Birthday campaign.

Natasha as the face of Refuge's 2018/2019 Annual Report

Natasha as the face of Refuge's 2018/2019 Annual Report

Natasha for BBC Radio 4 Podcast Show #TheNakedThreat

My Name Is... Natasha - BBC Radio 4 Podcast #TheNakedThreat

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