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Did you know 2 women a week leave their abuser? ... in a body bag.

Yes you read that correctly. Two women a week are killed by a current or ex partner in the United Kingdom, the fifth richest country in the world. Should you or anyone you know be suffering abuse or simply wish to read more information, please see the links below.

       0808 200 0247

  • Refuge

  • Women's Aid

  • Galop (for the LGBTQ community)
    0800 999 5428


  • National Stalking Helpline

  • Action on Elder Abuse

  • Southall Black Sisters


  • National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline

  • SignHealth - Domestic Abuse Service   abuse/domestic-abuse-service/

  • Respond - for those with learning disabilities

  • Honour Network Helpline by Karma Nirvana

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